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VSAT Training Course

VSATs - Very Small Aperture Terminal
This is a well-established Continuing Professional Development (CPD) short course. It provides a technical foundation in VSAT communications together with an appreciation of the latest developments and the understanding to deal with VSAT systems and their applications.

Very Small Aperture Terminals (VSATs) support a range of highly effective broadband, Internet, and multimedia satellite communications services. This course commences by developing a thorough understanding of the fundamentals of satellite links, and moves on to implementation issues and case studies.

VSATs Course Outline
The Course will comprise lectures complemented by short presentations dealing with state-of-the art programmes, issues in VSAT communications and installation of a VSAT terminal,network management an troubleshoot

The syllabus topics provisionally include:

Day 1 : Satcom system fundamentals
Introduction to VSAT Systems; Principles of Satellite Communications; Data Transmission and Protocols; Link Budgets; Modulation and Coding for VSAT Systems; Satellite Access Techniques; Propagation Effects for VSAT Systems
Days 2 - 5 : VSAT Systems and Services
VSAT Systems and Applications, Markets and Regulatory Issues; VSAT Service Provision, Markets and Opportunities; VSAT Regulatory Issues; VSAT Network Implementation; Military VSAT Systems; Broadband Multimedia Services; Internet service provision using DVB formats; Multicast internet services via Satellite; Satellite Digital Broadcasting.

Techniques and Implementation
VSAT implementation issues; Antennas for VSAT Systems; Satellite Engineering; TCP/IP for VSATs; Monitoring and control & network management systems.
Installation of a VSAT terminal-practical

Who should attend : All those requiring a technical understanding of VSAT systems as well as detailed knowledge of current systems design. The course will serve practising engineers and information technologists as well as managers, users and those concerned about the impact of VSATs. Some basic knowledge of telecommunications principles and/or data protocols will be assumed.

Presenters : The course is presented by recognised international experts drawn from the Industry, Service Providers and Academia.

Venue : The Course will bepresented at our UK HUB in Bradford

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